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Due diligence is a crucial process to determine the worth of a business that is for sale. It covers everything from financial and legal to operational and environmental. Due diligence is required for two types of transactions: selling a company and merging or buying another. Each type of transaction has its own specific complexities that make it more difficult to determine the length and the intensity of the process.

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The due diligence process exposes numerous potential issues that could undermine the transaction, so it’s important to take into consideration your priorities and plan accordingly. You should also understand how the results of due diligence can affect your deal as well as the terms you are offering. Do they depend heavily on just two or three customers? Do you see customer churn in the future? Take these questions into consideration to help you establish expectations with the vendor.

Prepare to be thorough

Individual buyers are usually less thorough than companies when conducting due diligence. It’s partly because of their personalities (e.g. they might be risk-averse and detail-oriented) and also due to the fact that they depend on professional advisors who charge their own hourly rate fees. However making preparations for the due diligence process as soon as you can increases your chances of selling quickly and successfully.

To streamline communications and reduce the number of reviewers who have access to information, designate a person to be the point of contact. This will allow you to avoid delays and ensure all issues are promptly addressed. Additionally, it will make it easier to convince that the buyer to cut down on the due diligence timeframe if you’re already organized and ready to start.

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